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KidzTown is a safe, secure, and fun environment for children aged from birth through 5th grade. Your kids are sure to enjoy the town we have built for their enjoyment and learning. Babies and the littlest children are loved and cared for in the City Park. As the children grow, they’ll be encountering God in a hands on way in Scoops Ice Cream Shop, Lil Disciples Pizza Parlor, or the very popular KidzTown Theater. By the time you pick your children up after a Sunday at HighPoint, you will both know why we say, “KidzTown- Where Faith is Fun!”.

KidzTown opens each Sunday morning at 8:50am and 10:20am, and 10 minutes prior to the start of any other scheduled events. As you enter KidzTown Station, you’ll meet a friendly helpful greeter who can assist you in using the simple automated check-in system. We’ll make sure your kids get connected with others of the same age, and their safety, security, care, and spiritual development will be our highest priority for the rest of the morning.