Why Plant More Churches?
on March 31st, 2022
One Monday, I got a message from my cousin Hillary. She asked about our online Bible study group that I started last year during the pandemic. I was happy she wanted to get involved, even though we were miles apart. The technology we have today has helped us to make disciples regardless of geographical limitations.However, as disciples of Jesus we need a local community of individuals that can hel...  Read More
Mental Health in a Pandemic - Part 2
on April 15th, 2021
A month or so ago, I wrote about the effects that the pandemic has been having on our mental health.  To get the most out of this post, you should read that blog here first.  In that blog, I told you that I would be giving you some ways to handle the challenges I presented.  So, here we are.  But first a quick recap.One of the big mental health challenges of life in a pandemic is that our coping m...  Read More
Mental Health in a Pandemic - Part 1
on March 10th, 2021
As I sit down to write this blog, I am coming off a weekend where I conducted a 2 hour mental health seminar for several churches in Canada, followed by a mental health seminar for 1,600 college students.  And while Florida has been mostly open for awhile, I am reminded again that the COVID-19 pandemic is taking a costly toll on people’s mental and emotional health.  Allow me a moment to share a f...  Read More
Heart of Serving
on March 8th, 2021
One of my favorite things about HighPoint Church is our heart of service. The intrinsic desire to jump in and help one another is woven into the fabric of who we are. I believe this is the case, in part, due to the way the desire to serve was woven into the fabric of who Keith and I are.Who knew that packing boxes could be a generational experience. One of our family’s favorite Christmas tradition...  Read More
Honor the Honorable
on January 19th, 2021
To start 2021, I spent a couple of hours with the mayor and commissioners of our city, recording messages of thanks and congratulations to the police officers of our city.  Two weeks later, we hosted the Chiefs and command staff of our police department, again recording thanks and congratulations for the department’s officers.  This was all part of our annual Night of Excellence Celebration, givin...  Read More
Reflecting on 2020 and looking ahead
on December 28th, 2020
Many of us came into 2020 with ideas of 20/20 vision and there is something about “decade years” that makes them seem more important, but March of 2020 changed the life of virtually every human on the planet. This is a unique moment in history that seems to happen every 100 years or so.Growing up in Florida, I’ve lived through many hurricanes. Powerful hurricanes are devastating for sure, but thei...  Read More
Remembrance and Reconciliation- Commemorating the 1920 Election Day Massacre
on October 15th, 2020
Scripture tells us that in 2 Corinthians 5:18 that “All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation” (NIV). And while we may understand the call and the stewardship to be agents of reconciliation in the earth, many of us struggle to find practical, meaningful, and significant ways to fulfill this essential ministry of reconciliation. All...  Read More