Real Life Missions exists to connect people in EVERY NATION to real life in JESUS CHRIST.

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Real Life Missions specializes in short term missions experiences and long term missions advancement.

Over the past decade, Real Life Missions has taken teams on short term mission trips to five different continents and over a dozen different nations. Our current focus is on the island nations in the Caribbean. We take several trips annually to Cuba and to St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.

A trip with Real Life Missions is so much more than an average mission trip.  You will be fully trained in sharing your faith, effectively ministering cross-culturally, and extending the Kingdom of God in a new nation.  Every facet of your travel, ministry, and cultural experience will be handled in great detail by our experienced team.

From our bases in Florida and the US Virgin Islands, we are also planting churches throughout the Caribbean and establishing long term campus ministries among university students. We anticipate planting 16 churches and 16 campus ministries in these island nations. Your investment into Real Life Missions, either by sending or by going, goes to establish these long term centers of life change.

"Walking the streets of Cuba and knocking on people's doors, and having them invite us into their homes, then looking into their eyes and sharing the gospel made me realize how very much we are all alike! We are all God's children in need of a Savior!"

-  Tonja

"For anyone thinking of joining a team, JUST GO! God will amaze you through the entire experience!"

- Marcy

"It's truly life changing when you go to another country, that has nothing in common with you, but somehow you end up becoming family. No matter who you are or where you come from, if you belong to Jesus you are family"

- Stephen

Upcoming Trips

Take a look at our upcoming trips.  We can bring your team to experience these sample itineraries.  You provide the missionaries, we will create the live changing experience.


To make the most of your mission trip, please join our training. It will cover everything you need to know to effectively minister in the Caribbean.

Partner With Us

There are three impactful ways to partner with Real Life Missions, through finance, people, and prayer.

Interested in a mission trip?

There are many ways to serve the nations.

If you would like to get involved or learn more about upcoming mission trips, visit our Real Life Missions website.  With COVID19 restrictions being lifted globally, we are scaling up the trips we are taking. 

Meet the Team

Heather Hunsicker

US Coordinator
Heather is a seasoned missionary, cross-cultural minister, and trip leader. With well over a decade of experience on 3 different continents, Heather knows how to facilitate a life changing trip. As our US Coordinator, she will make sure that your group is well trained and prepared. If you are a local church looking for an amazing mission trip, Heather is your first point of contact.

Chelsea Harpool

Missionary &  Caribbean Coordinator
Chelsea is an experienced cross cultural missionary, living abroad since 2018. Currently based in St Thomas, Chelsea is pioneering campus ministry and church planting efforts in the Virgin Islands and beyond. If you take a short trip with RLM, Chelsea will ensure that everything on the ground in the Caribbean exceeds your expectations. When not hosting mission teams, Chelsea is preaching the Gospel, making disciples, and building Kingdom partnerships throughout the islands.

Nikka Warner

Team Leader
Nikka uses her vast experience as a cross cultural missionary to help lead short term missions teams. She will travel with the team from the US mainland to the mission destination and will help lead the team on the ground. A worshipper, evangelist, and minister, Nikka will challenge your team to love Jesus, love people, and love the mission.

Saskia Smith

Long Term Missionary
Saskia Smith is a missionary from South Africa to the USA. A true world traveler, Saskia adds depth to the Real Life Missions team. She travels with teams, she prays for teams, and she assists leading teams. Saskia is well versed in developing and supporting long term missionaries.

Upcoming Trips

Take a look at our upcoming trips.  We can bring your team to experience these sample itineraries.  You provide the missionaries, we will create the life changing experience.

Havana, Cuba

Sample Itinerary

  • Begins with a Prayer Walk over Havana at “The Jesus Statue”
  • Children’s ministry and outreaches around Havana
  • Evangelism and Ministry through local churches
  • Attend and minister at Sunday Morning house church services
  • Cultural Day in Old Town Havana


June 14 - 20, 2024
July 19 - 25, 2024

St Thomas

Sample Itinerary

  • Campus Evangelism and Outreach at University of the Virgin Islands
  • Local Outreach
  • Rebuild Homes damaged in Hurricanes Irma and Maria and/or serve My Brother's Workshop.
  • Cultural Day at the world famous Megan’s Bay Beach or Trunk Bay Beach on nearby St. John
  • Pray over Charlotte Amalie, the capital of St Thomas

October 21 - 27, 2024

Training for an Upcoming Trip

For each trip, there are seven specific trainings covering five topics and applications that we train on. You will receive the dates for those trainings at the beginning of the process. Usually we start 5 to 6 months before the actual trip.

Training Content

Topics include:
• Partnership training - how to raise a partnership team
• 2-minute miracle - learning how to share your testimony
• One Verse Evangelism - how to share the Gospel
• Spiritual Training - to become aware of the different spiritual aspects on the missions field.
• Practical Training

Training Venue

For missionaries sent from HighPoint Orlando, the meetings will take place at the church in Ocoee.

Address: 476 Ocoee Commerce Pkwy, Ocoee, FL 34761

Partner with Us

If you cannot go on a trip yourself, we still want to extend the invitation to you to be part of our team, by partnering with us financially.

There are three easy ways to give:

* Click on the link 'Partner with Real Life Missions'
* Through the HighPoint Orlando App, click on the ‘giving’ tab. Download app on the App Store or Google Play.
* Send a cheque: Addressed to “Real Life Missions”, P.O.Box 643, Gotha, FL, 34734