From the outset of the COVID-19 health crisis, we decided that in areas where we had expertise (spiritual matters), we would lead the way.  And in areas where we did not have expertise (health, public policy), we would follow the lead of those who are experts.  As the crisis evolves, we continue to follow the latest guidelines and mandates by state and local authorities.  To this end, we are confident that we can provide a safe and comfortable environment, while still fulfilling the vital mission of the local church.

Here is what you can expect at our Sunday morning services:
  • In accordance with the most recent state rulings, masks are no longer required in our church building.  But in accordance with our most recent county rulings, masks are strongly recommended indoors.  To adhere to both the spirit and letter of both authorities, we offer two different environments.
  • For the comfort of attendees who prefer to worship in a masked environment, our 9:15 service will be "mask- recommended" for all attendees and "mask required" for all services teams.
  • For the comfort of attendees who prefer to worship without face coverings, our 11:00 service will be "mask-optional" for all attendees and service teams.
  • A dynamic livestream is provided during both the 9:15am & 11am services if you prefer to join us digitally rather than in person.  Join in here on Youtube or on our Facebook page here.

KidzTown is open under the latest guidelines of the CDC and local authorities.  You can expect a safe, clean, welcoming environment for your children up to Grade 5.
  • Our KidzTown team wears masks, is temperature checked, and does not leave KidzTown once they have been through their sanitation process.
  • There are designated spaces and toys for use during the 9:15am service and separate designated spaces and toys for use during the 11:00am service so that your children will always enter a clean environment.
  • Children 3 and over attending our 9:15 service will wear masks.  Children attending our 11:00 service will be mask-optional, although all workers will remain masked for both services.
  • If you prefer to join in the livestream during our services, KidzTown resources are available on our HighPoint Orlando app.

Life Groups, classes, ELEVATE, and other church events will be mask-optional.  We trust you to make the best decision for yourself and your family.

We understand that not everyone is comfortable meeting in person, given the newly eased state standards.  And for that, we have tons of grace.  We also understand that some look forward to church life under the new standards.  For that perspective, we also have tons of grace.  We remain one church, united in love, as we navigate the changing seasons of this crisis together.